About Me

About Me

And Why The World Needs Awesome Town

Hi, my name is Michael. I love games. 

I’m married and the proud father of 3, school-aged kids.

In my limited-free time, I’ve worked to blend two interests of mine together – learning to code and making new games out of old games using technology.

I don’t love the idea of adding screens to board games, but I do love the idea of pulling kids away from video games…I reserve the right to be a complex person.

I think augmented reality (AR) will play a big role in the future of gaming. And if AR is going to have a place together with board games, it’s important to me that the games on those platforms are developed for people over profit.

To me, that means:

  • Avoiding additive game elements (like the ones that plague mobile games).
  • Microtransactions are handled responsibly.
  • Basically, that games enrich your life not leach it.