Making Every Play-Through Different

Virtual Tourists

Make Every Game Different

Discovery is a fun part of any game. That’s why I wanted the virtual population of tourists to change every time you played Awesome Town. One game, there might be a lot more Budget tourists. Another game might be mostly Luxury-minded visitors. Finding out who your customers are is part of the fun. So, here’s how Awesome Town randomizes one of the pillars of the game.

Starting Positionlines of php code that display how tourist populations are randomized

When you start a new game, Awesome Town picks a random first round number for each tourist group – Budget, Value & Luxury. Since I wanted each play-through to be a fairly different the three random numbers are selected from lower and upper bounds that are significantly different.

  • Group 1 – Lower | Upper Bound = 1 | 15
  • Group 2 – Lower | Upper Bound = 20 | 35
  • Group 3 – Lower | Upper Bound = 40 | 55

After each group gets a random number, we randomly assign those numbers to the tourist segments – Budget/Value/Luxury.

Growth of Each Group

Each group grows linearly each round. I had it randomizing each group’s growth every turn, however I found that the discovery process is not precise enough to pick up on major changes to the population. Most of your play time is spent using what you learn each turn to zero in on what the market looks like.

Having even a couple changes in the market made discovery feel random and impossible. The plan now is to keep the growth linear, and switch things up after each chapter – as your market grows.

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