Why I Made Awesome Town

The Legacy of Monopoly

Growing up, I would beg my two older brothers to play Monopoly. That enthusiasm to play died prematurely.

You see, anytime they’d land on one of my big-money properties, they’d quit unless I gave them a sweetheart deal that usually included some of my properties. I basically paid them to lose to them. 

Those memories resurfaced after playing some co-operative board games.

I began to wonder, “Why couldn’t you change the rules of Monopoly and make it cooperative?

As I played with that idea and Awesome Town took shape.

I thought, “Why would a bunch of real estate tycoons go around a city staying in other real estate tycoons hotels?” When I worked in the tourism industry, I saw a lot more cooperation with in a city – the competition was between destinations.

A virtual population of tourists that you attracted together made a lot more sense. 

I’m really excited about this game not because its so amazing, I’m excited about the potential I see in this project.