1st Play-Test with People Completely Unfamiliar with the Game

This was a big moment for me. Four people with zero knowledge of my game played it for the first time! They were 100% helpful and fun – what they found was 99% frustrating! At no fault of theirs, they found a missing feature that brought our test to a premature end.

5 young adults sit around a table with a monopoly board and laptop playing awesome townThis eats at me because I knew I wanted to add this feature, I just never got around to it. Since Awesome Town’s hybrid component is web-based, all of the game’s information is stored within the player’s session. If you leave the page, you lost all the game data. They got a couple rounds into their first game and accidentally hit the back button…maybe the touch screen, maybe a hidden Chromebook gesture?…either way, going back = game over.

I was able to quickly catch them up though and they were able to do a couple more rounds. It seemed like they were about to get it when it HAPPENED AGAIN!

a close up of the board game monopoly with a laptop in the center playing awesome townI couldn’t bring myself to ask them to try a 3rd time and I didn’t know how to fix that quickly. Turns out it’s a super simple “window.onbeforeunload = function() {return true;};” function…Ahhh, had it known, I would have fixed this already.

Regardless, big thank you to Rachel, Allie, Will and Riley. The few rounds you did complete gave me lots to work on.

a check list of tasks to complete in the awesome town development

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